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Shelter Update

Wednesday, January 19th, 2022

Statement from the SafeHouse Center Board of Directors

We are providing this information so that you, our supporters and community partners, have the latest updates about the SafeHouse Center shelter services.  We also want to respond to recent inquiries about the services SHC is providing.  The number one priority of SHC has been, and will continue to be, serving the survivors in our community.  We will continue to do all we can to fulfill our mission.


The shelter program is open and continues to provide temporary shelter to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault despite ongoing challenges.  Currently, there are six families residing in the SHC shelter.  We also continue to provide services in several other areas such as legal advocacy, crisis support and support groups, and emergency response to area hospitals.

Like many other organizations during the pandemic, SHC experienced a staffing shortage that began in mid-summer, and continued through fall and early winter, which has impacted the ability to safely shelter and support survivors at full capacity.  The shelter program has recently become fully staffed, and SHC is working hard to train new staff so that SHC will be able to shelter survivors at increased levels in the next few months.  

Additionally, we have been improving and remodeling our shelter spaces which includes the living room and kitchen, as well as all of the shelter bedrooms.  Further, the shelter kitchen will undergo a major renovation project later this month; but we will continue to safely provide services and shelter to residents during this renovation.  

We have maintained our current eligibility requirements for our temporary emergency shelter program with a focus on those being in immediate threat of being hurt or killed.  Those who call the 24-hour Help Line seeking shelter services complete a shelter screening over the phone.  If SHC is able to offer shelter based on screening and the  ability to provide shelter at the time, the caller will be offered shelter.  If SHC is unable to offer shelter, the caller is offered other resources such as phone numbers to other area shelter programs including domestic and sexual violence shelters in surrounding counties, additional Safe House Center services including legal advocacy and personal protection order information, crisis support services, and safety planning, and information and referrals to other community resources .  Callers are also encouraged to call SHC for additional support and also to call again to check future shelter availability if needed.  

These are challenging times and we thank you for your continued support of Safe House Center.

Public confidence in SafeHouse Center is essential to fulfilling its mission to effectively serve survivors. We appreciate your support as we oversee the organization.

Board of Directors
SafeHouse Center

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