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Teen Voice: High School Peer Education Program

Program update, March 2022: 
SafeHouse Center is currently recruiting for the Teen Voice programming. Please contact Laura Hoehner-Dane, our Volunteer, Intern and Speaker’s Bureau Coordinator at for more information. 

SafeHouse Center’s Teen Voice is a group of Washtenaw County high school students between the ages of 13 and 18 years old that are dedicated to ending dating violence and sexual assault by providing educational presentations to local high school students. In addition, Teen Voice volunteers put on awareness events in the community for Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Teen Voice works on a peer-to-peer education model that believes that the best way to reach and educate teens is to have the information presented by their teen peers. Teen Voice is committed to raising awareness and creating social change on the issue of teen dating violence and sexual assault.

How can you become a Teen Voice member?

Teen Voice members are required to attend a specialized training, attend weekly TV meetings, and participate in awareness events. In order to join the program, volunteers are required to submit an application and background check, in addition to completing an interview.

What is it like to volunteer for Teen Voice?

Volunteering at SafeHouse in the Teen Voice program has been so inspiring and rewarding for me. SafeHouse is full of driven, kind people, who wish to help others, and my worldview has certainly changed here. I can only hope that our presentations have made an impact on my peers, and through our work hopefully we will find social change.” – Seth Dyer, Pioneer High School student

What does a Teen Voice presentation look like?

The Teen Voice presentation is designed to last one hour. The presentations utilizes a variety of media, activities, and group work to teach participants about the issues of teen dating violence, consent, and healthy relationships. The presentations are given by a team of two Teen Voice volunteers with a staff facilitator. Teen Voice is available to come speak for your class, group, or agency!

Contact Information:

If you have questions about the program, you may contact Laura Hoehner-Dane, our Volunteer, Intern and Speaker’s Bureau Coordinator at