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Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Survivor Services

Counseling & Advocacy

Domestic Violence Survivors
Individual, short-term counseling is available to any survivor of domestic violence over the age of 14 with parental consent, regardless of the age at which the assault occurred. Counselors work with survivors on safety planning around staying or leaving the relationship and helping them to cope with and heal from the abuse they have experienced. During this time counselors explore with survivors what domestic violence is and how it has impacted their life and their children’s lives while looking at their feelings regarding these issues (i.e. grief, fear, anger …). We also provide these services in Spanish to Spanish Speaking Survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Sexual Assault Survivors
Individual, short-term counseling is available to any survivor of sexual assault over the age of 14, regardless of the age at which the assault occurred. Counseling provides survivors with a supportive environment for exploring their thoughts and feelings about their experience of sexual assault. Individual counseling is also available to friends, family members and partners of survivors so that they can have a safe place to process and gain positive ways to support the survivor.

Legal Advocacy Assistance (civil and criminal)

Legal advocates can provide information to survivors about the court proceedings, the law, policies and practices of the criminal and civil justice system. Advocates can provide court accompaniment and/or advocacy between the survivor and the legal system around bond conditions, violations of probation, civil stand-bys etc. Advocates can provide assistance with PPO preparation and filing along with providing information and support around custody, divorce and immigration matters. (link to attachment for more information on our legal advocacy program)

Outreach Services

The DVS Program is working in collaboration with the University of Michigan and the Health Care System in Washtenaw County to enhance domestic violence and sexual assault services to the University of Michigan student’s spouses and the Spanish Speaking community. As part of our efforts we provide education to the staff and students of the University as well as the Health Care community, to increase their understanding of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault and its impact on survivors.

Support Groups

Along with the rest of the organization, the DVS program works toward safety, justice and autonomy for survivors. For more information on our outreach services contact HelpLine at 734-995-5444.

For more information on our counseling and legal advocacy services survivors should call the Helpline at (734) 995-5444 to set up an appointment.

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