SafeHouse Center

Volunteer Voices

SafeHouse Center Volunteers share their thoughts about what they do at SafeHouse Center—and why it’s important:


“I grew up here. To the staff and volunteers that I have had the pleasure of working with and to the survivors who have felt comfortable enough to share their personal stories with me, thank you. This experience will be one that I remember forever.” – Maria Penrod

“Thank you for allowing me to participate” – Corky Peck

“My volunteer experience has been so positive. Everyone who I come into contact here, every staff person, has been so helpful. It has made my experience very supportive. Being able to look back on the last two years and think about how many hours I’ve been on-call and how many people I’ve been able to talk to, it’s such a good feeling. Knowing that I’ve made a difference in my community and, hopefully, in the lives of those survivors is the best feeling and an amazing experience.”
– Bri Jackson

“Whether you know nothing about SA/DV or feel like you know everything, you WILL learn information that surprises you, angers you, challenges you, and empowers you. I have NEVER met a more competent or dedicated staff team and it is inspiring.” – Anonymous Volunteer

“You will understand how big an impact you can make with you few words!” – Anonymous Volunteer

“Staff is great and knowledgeable. Come to learn! You’ll leave with new tools and skills.” – Anonymous Volunteer

“If you have an empathetic heart, and even empathy, consider volunteering your time. SafeHouse Center appreciates you.” – Anonymous Volunteer

“It was a great experience! I highly recommend everyone interested to do it!” – Anonymous Volunteer

“SHC provides the most comprehensive training for volunteers to be ready on their first shift. You’ll learn a lot of you open your mind.” – Anonymous Volunteer

“SafeHouse Training has given me faith in humanity to help each other heal together in harmony!” – Anonymous Volunteer

“Volunteer training at SafeHouse was incredibly informative. I learned many new things and I learned to look at old things in new ways. It made me feel excited to be part of such an impactful organization.” – Anonymous Volunteer

“You learn something new everyday! Keep an open mind and listen to all the different points even if you think you’ve heard it before.” – Anonymous Volunteer

“Our society is not doing enough to protect, believe, and empower survivors. We need to work to change that.” – Anonymous Volunteer

“SafeHouse training made me a better human. I learned so much and met some wonderful, courageous people. I have a deeper respect for survivors and advocates.” – Anonymous Volunteer