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Volunteer and Intern Coordinator

Job Description

JOB TITLE: Volunteer and Intern Coordinator

DEPARTMENT: Administration

HOURS: 40 hours per week

PAY RANGE: $42,330 (exempt employee)

TITLE OF IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Director of Programs and Services

MOST RECENTLY REVISED: August 2, 2015           



Education/Training/Experience: Volunteer and staff management experience, five years experience in a relevant position at SafeHouse Center, or a relevant degree plus 5 years experience in a relevant social justice/human services field


  • Excellent writing and interpersonal communication skills;
  • Strong leadership and teamwork skills;
  • Computer proficiency, including with Microsoft Office and email and internet functions;
  • Ability to manage and assess projects and programs;
  • Understanding of and sensitivity to the unique circumstances of underserved populations and to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault

Other Valued Education, Training, Experience, Abilities or Skills:

  • Fluency in language(s) other than English
  • Experience working with survivors of domestic violence or sexual assault
  • Supervisory experience
  • Public speaking experience
  • An advanced degree in a relevant social justice or human services field. LMSW preferred


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Program Responsibilities

Intern Coordination

  • Oversee the recruitment, training, placement and supervision of all program interns.
  • Establish and maintain good working relationships with local colleges, universities and other institutions that provide interns to community organizations.
    • Ensure that all interns receive proper on-site supervision and training and that all of the relevant school’s guidelines related to internships (including rules related to the work and schedule that is appropriate for that student) are followed.
    • Periodically complete a formal evaluation of interns, in accordance with the organization’s procedures for intern evaluation.

Volunteer Coordination

    • Develop and implement the organization’s plan for volunteer recruitment.
      • Create and disseminate printed and electronic materials (e.g. brochures, posters, public service announcements, web pages)
      • Identify and attend volunteer recruitment opportunities
      • Identify and use local media outlets to advertise volunteer training and orientation sessions
      • Develop outreach strategies to diverse populations


    • Working in conjunction with the crisis intervention volunteer coordinators, coordinate crisis intervention training, logistics and guest speakers (training for all shelter, crisis line, SART, DVRT and children’s volunteers). Oversee program training conducted by other volunteer team members, including ensuring that program training schedules comply with ethical standards, organizational philosophies and goals, and guidelines set by the organization’s funders.
    • Coordinate volunteer orientation sessions for non-crisis intervention volunteers.
    • Review and update the content of training materials and manuals, and update (or create new manuals) as needed.
    • Oversee in-service trainings for volunteers.

Volunteer Appreciation

  • Coordinate the annual volunteer recognition event, as well as other volunteer appreciation mechanisms.

Volunteer Placement and Supervision

Serve as the contact person for community members interested in becoming volunteers.  Facilitate contact between potential volunteers and the coordinator of the appropriate program

    • Community Friends and Receptionists
      • Assist with training and  project planning and internal structural issues when appropriate.
  • Non-crisis Intervention Volunteers
  • Others Who Volunteer on a Regular Basis
    • Set training/orientation policy based on the work they will be performing.
    • Ensure they are connected with the appropriate supervisor and that they receive adequate supervision.
  • Volunteers Who Come Once or Infrequently
    • Serve as primary contact for groups interested in volunteering for a one day or short term project, and coordinate with the appropriate staff person.
    • Be sure volunteers are properly met, greeted, oriented (including confidentiality and security information) and thanked.

Volunteer Team

    • Coordinate staff members who supervise volunteers (including both crisis intervention volunteers and volunteers who regularly do other kinds of work for the organization).
    • Oversee the activities and the work of the Volunteer Team, and ensure that all relevant tasks are completed on schedule and in a way that is consistent with the philosophy and goals of the organization.
    • Organize and facilitate meetings of the Volunteer Team.  This includes responsibility for meeting agendas and minutes.
    • Provide support and back up for volunteer coordinators during volunteer training.

Development of Volunteer Management Procedures

    • Responsible for recommending policies and implementing procedures relevant to volunteer management which reflect ethical practice, the organization’s philosophies and goals, and the standards set by the organization’s funders.  These procedures will include but are not limited to the following:
      • Application, screening, and interviewing
      • Training attendance
      • Supervision and evaluation
      • Communication with volunteers
      • Documentation and record keeping
      • Termination and grievance
      • Certification and recommendation

Record-Keeping and Reporting

    • Oversee volunteer database and volunteer personnel files.  Collect and compile monthly statistics on volunteer hours

Speakers Bureau Coordination

    • Recruit, train and oversee volunteers to attend community events and speak on behalf of SafeHouse Center.

Departmental Leadership

    • Create a positive, productive working environment for interns and volunteers and staff
    • Participate in the organization’s regular coordinators’ meetings
    • Attend team and staff meetings.
    • Participate in regular supervision with the Director of Programs and Services.
    • Consult with the Finance and Services Directors as needed/requested on personnel, budgetary/financial, service provision and other related issues.
    • Communicate professionally with residents, co-workers, volunteers, interns and the public.
    • Supervise Children and Youth Staff
    • Assist staff to design and implement programs and services for  Children and Youth
    • Oversee in conjunction with C and Y staff Children and Youth volunteers
    • Provide yearly performance evaluation of C and Y staff

Other Duties and Responsibilities

  • Participate in conferences, classes and workshops to enhance professional knowledge and skill
  • Sign up for some holiday shifts during popular holiday times (most notably – but not necessarily limited to – the time around Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s).  Some limited holiday shifts will be required of all staff in order to keep our essential crisis intervention functions operational at all times throughout the year.
  • Attend the required number of community education presentations, information tables or other outreach opportunities.
  • Assist with special events when appropriate.
  • Help to keep shared spaces orderly and take part in office-related light cleaning chores as assigned.
  • Other duties as assigned.