SafeHouse Center

2017 Men’s Campaign

Dear Friends:

SafeHouse Center is proud to have many supporters and we are honored to celebrate the men in our community that work to change the systems and attitudes that allow abuse to continue.

We invite you to join our co-chairs in the Men’s Campaign and honor a father or father figure in your life who refuses to tolerate sexual assault and domestic violence. This includes fathers, uncles, brothers, friends, sons, partners and men who address the urgency of our cause and say with conviction, “I give to SafeHouse because.”

SafeHouse plays a vital role in providing shelter and services to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. This includes not only shelter for those who must flee their homes, but counseling, legal advocacy, and other services. And, it is always free of charge for survivors because of the generous support of our donors.

Men and fathers do things that deserve recognition every day of the year. Show the good men in your life how important they truly are by finishing this powerful statement:

I give to SafeHouse because . . .




Barbara Niess-May, MPA, MSW
Executive Director