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How Do I Help Survivors of Sexual Assault?

Start by believing.

Your first instinct may be to give advice, but it’s important to ask how to support survivors in their choices about what to do next. Be there to support them. 

  • Listen Without Judgement
    • It’s normal to feel reactions such as anger or shock, sometimes expressing those reactions can make a survivor feel like they are responsible for your reactions. Try your best to stay calm, listen without asking too many questions which can feel victim blaming. 
  • Let your friend know he or she is not alone.
    • Offer support, offer your time, and remind your friend of available resources. 
  • Empower your friend.
    • Help your friend understand and consider options, let your friend make decisions, and offer to go along for support. 
  • Ask if There is Anything You Can Do
    • It will mean a tremendous amount just knowing that there is someone around who they trust, someone who loves and cares for them. You can always ask how you can help, if there is anything you can do. 
  • Keep Supporting
    • Healing has no timeline, each journey is unique so it will look different for each person. Provide ongoing support and make time to check-in. 




We can all use our voices to change the culture to prevent sexual violence.

This April, we’re calling on YOU to play a critical role in changing the culture.

We’re strongest when we raise our voices together, and that’s why we’re engaging everyone in the movement.

You can join us in helping the community foster attitudes that promote healthy relationships, equality, and respect. Your voices will have a ripple effect on those around you.


Strong Online Communities

While we all are doing our part in Social Distancing, staying at home and using online communication, it’s important to promote respect, equality, and safety.

Online comments that blame victims contribute to a broader climate in which sexual violence is tolerated and not taken seriously.


How you can help end rape culture by taking action online:

  1. Believe and support survivors
    • For example, thank survivors for sharing their stories in the comments.
  2. Respond to victim-blaming, rape jokes, or other problematic comments on social media:
    • Post a response like, “Sexual assault is never the survivor’s fault.”
    • Refocus accountability on the individual(s) who committed sexual abuse.
  3. Link to an educational resource about sexual violence prevention.
  4. Promote Sexual Assault Awareness Month using the hashtag #SAAM.
    • Sample tweet: April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month #SAAM

Thanks for helping to support survivors!

Find support and resources by calling our HelpLine at (734) 995-5444.