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2020 Men’s Campaign (All gifts up to $15,000 will be matched!)

Dear Friends:

The pandemic brought to light that being isolated in a home is not safe for many members of our community.  You have no doubt read or heard of the increase in calls to domestic violence shelters because of the stay-at-home orders. In our community, it was eerily quiet at first but we knew that survivors were just waiting until they were not being watched so closely and all their movements scrutinized.

Now, at SafeHouse Center we are witnessing the aftermath. The phones are ringing at an alarming pace and survivors are showing up at our front door asking for the help they were unable to get when they were being watched. As some people celebrate the chance to move around more freely, survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault are just looking for their moment to escape. With your help, we will be there for all of them.   

With men standing alongside women, together we can bring about the change that is needed. Please make the promise to: 

  • Raise the bar and strive for equitable and respectful relationships.
  • Call out abuse and violence for what it is and not turn a blind eye or stand by when people say things like “boys will be boys”.
  • Help redefine masculinity, promoting healthier, positive social expectations among men and boys.
  • Donate what you can to help survivors.

SafeHouse Center and our 2020 Men’s Campaign Co-Chairs ask men across our community to become allies against domestic and sexual violence. Your support is a promise to work with us to promote healthy and respectful attitudes and behaviors and to speak up against systems that have allowed violence to continue.

Use your voice and say that “There is no Excuse for Abuse.” 




Barbara Niess-May, MPA, MSW
Executive Director

P.S. We are proud to recognize all donations of $100 or more to the Men’s Campaign in a full page ad in the September Ann Arbor Observer. Additionally, due to a generous donation, all gifts will be matched up to $15,000!

We must receive your response by 8-10-20 to be included in the community support ad. Your support is sincerely appreciated.