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2019 Men’s Campaign

Dear Friends:

Almost daily we read a new story about sexual assault, abuse, and harassment.
SafeHouse Center is witnessing survivors coming forward to share their personal stories in a way we have never seen before. Our friends, sisters, daughters, brothers, and fathers (yes, even men), are speaking about their trauma. The volume of the conversations is getting louder every day.

Please join our 2019 Men’s Campaign Co-Chairs, Bill Holmes and Ira Weintraub, in supporting survivors. Use your influence and voice to speak out about domestic violence and sexual assault. Hold our leaders, institutions, and systems accountable. Let your voice be heard by survivors and take these issues seriously.




Barbara Niess-May, MPA, MSW
Executive Director

P.S. We are proud to recognize all donations of $100 or more to the Men’s Campaign in a full page ad in the October Ann Arbor Observer. We must receive your response by 9-10-19 to be included in the community support ad. Your support is sincerely appreciated.