SafeHouse Center
24/7 HelpLine: 734-995-5444
If you are in immediate danger, call 911.
Linea de Apoyo de 24 horas: 734-995-5444
Si esta en grave peligro, llame a 911.

Throughout the pandemic, as always, SafeHouse Center is committed to helping survivors.

For updates related to the opening of programs and services, please visit our COVID-19 update page.

For any questions, or if you are in need of assistance, please call our 24-hour HelpLine at 734-995-5444.

Help Survivors of Domestic Violence
How can you help your friends and family who have experienced or are experiencing domestic violence? Start by believing.
Statement on Murder/ Suicide in Ypsilanti
On July 16, SafeHouse Center learned through social media that Courtney Neely had been murdered by her former partner, Michael Taylor on July 15 in Ypsilanti, Michigan. After he killed her, he killed himself...
2020 Men's Campaign
Join Co-Chairs Bill Holmes and Ira Weintraub in supporting survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault through this year's Men's Campaign.

Building communities free of domestic violence and sexual assault.

SafeHouse Center provides support for those impacted by domestic violence or sexual assault. SafeHouse provides free and confidential services for any person victimized that lives or works in Washtenaw County. Our services include emergency shelter for those in danger of being hurt or killed, counseling, legal advocacy, support groups, and especially, hope.

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Almost 5.3 million instances of victimization by intimate partners occur yearly among women 18 and older. - CDC 2003