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2022 Men’s Campaign

Together, We Can Help Break the Cycle

When we first hear the words “domestic abuse,” it’s easy to think in terms of caricatures, like a large man physically terrorizing a woman and child. While this is certainly a reality for some, domestic abuse also manifests itself in quieter, more subtle ways.

Abuse is primarily about power and control. This controlling behavior can take on a variety of forms; it can be physical, but also sexual, verbal, emotional, or even financial. The common denominator is power over the victim—abuse isolates victims, robbing them of the ability to make decisions on their own.

Abuse happens in all kinds of intimate partner relationships, including same-sex relationships. In the United States alone, 1 in every 4 women and 1 in every 9 men are victims of domestic abuse during some point in their lives. “Abuse is unacceptable, period,” says Bill Holmes. “If men start by setting the expectation that we will not stand quietly by in the face of violence, we have a chance to change the systems that have allowed abuse to happen for far too long.”

The problem of abuse will not go away until unhealthy masculine stereotypes are diminished or no longer encouraged. When men step up to disrupt these patterns of behavior, they are letting the men in their circles know not only is it unacceptable to be abusive to your partner it is also not OK to be disrespectful toward women or any person based on their gender identity or expression.

“Abuse, misogyny, and gender-based violence—in any form—is entirely unacceptable. We need to call out and shut down misogynistic comments, sexual harassment, and sexist “jokes” by other men. We need to send an unmistakable message to our peers, colleagues, and families that domestic violence and sexual abuse is intolerable.” Says Eli Savit. “It starts with us. Only men can end male-perpetrated violence against women. And to be a true ally in this fight, we must stand against misogyny wherever we see it.”

Please join our 2022 Co-Chairs of the Men’s Campaign, Bill Holmes, V.P. Chelsea Milling Company and retired American Airlines Pilot, and Eli Savit, Prosecuting Attorney, Washtenaw County by using your voices and your resources to call out injustices and support survivors. You can help shift the culture to make respect and equality the norm.

Together, with men standing alongside women, we can bring about the change that is needed.


Christine Watson

Executive Director

P.S. We are proud to recognize all donations of $100 or more in a full page ad in the October Ann Arbor Observer. We must receive your response by 9-15-22 to be included in the community support ad.

Your support is sincerely appreciated!