SafeHouse Center
24/7 Helpline: (734) 995-5444 - If you are in immediate dange, dial 911


SafeHouse Center recognizes that domestic violence and sexual assault occurs by and against all genders and across all sexual orientations. We work to end the oppression of all people as well as value and celebrate the diversity of our community. SafeHouse Center also strives to protect the rights of everyone.

SafeHouse Center services are available to all survivors of intimate partner domestic violence and sexual assault.

The Response Team

Established in 1987, The Response Team (RT) at SafeHouse Center provides 24 hour a day, 365 days a year immediate response to survivors of domestic violence and/or sexual assault.

All Washtenaw County law enforcement agencies contact RT after receiving a report of domestic violence and/or sexual assault. Local area hospitals also contact RT when a patient discloses that they experienced domestic violence and/or sexual assault.

SafeHouse staff or volunteers then make contact with the survivor either in person or by phone to offer support and information and to help plan for their safety. The RT contact is often the first time that a survivor learns of SafeHouse, our services and of the options that are available to help them. This is also often the first time that the survivor may have been able to talk with someone about their situation without being blamed for the abuse and/or assault or judged for staying with their partner.

As RT advocates we provide emotional support, validation, information, advocacy, resources and safety strategies. A strength of this program is that we reach out to the survivor, however as all of our services are provided from an empowerment perspective, survivors are able to choose whether to participate with any, or all of the services provided by the RT team.

The Response Teams Coordinator trains and supervises all RT members (staff and volunteers). On weekdays during business hours, staff at SafeHouse Center responds to pages from the police or hospital. A pool of 35-40 volunteers cover all evening, weekend, and holiday shifts. The Response Teams Coordinator is always available to RT volunteers to answer questions and consult on particular cases.